About 8 Pound Gorilla

Hello Grown-ups,
Thanks for your interest in music for your kids. We have that in common…
At 8 Pound Gorilla, we believe music can – and should – be a shared experience for parents and kids. From Baby Shark to The Beatles, there is a universe of sound and styles that can bring joy and growth to your daily life.
In selecting artists for this new children’s label, we hope to reflect the interests of today’s families by presenting a diverse array of music from some of the most talented (and award-winning) artists making family music today. These recordings are meant for to enrich everyday life for everyone of all ages; they are songs that help kids and parents discover and enjoy music together. And sometimes, they are just plain fun!
8 Pound Gorilla Records is the inevitable offspring of 800 Pound Gorilla Records, the world’s largest Comedy Record Label. Moving into kids’ and family programming was a natural decision for the company’s founders, Ryan Bitzer and Damion Greiman. Once again, they’ve discovered an under-served genre. There’s a veritable treasure-trove of talented artists around the world making high-quality family-oriented music that remains largely unknown to mainstream audiences. With unique marketing strategies and analytics-driven audience building techniques, 8 Pound Gorilla Records is building a platform for this genre that will bring increased awareness and opportunities for these talented performers. We’re partnering with the best Independent kids’ musicians on the planet to help build a community of music and joy for families everywhere.

Kenny Curtis – A&R: A 30-year veteran in Children’s Media, Kenny has made the advancement and development of Kids Music part of his life’s work. He may be best-known for founding and running SiriusXM’s original kids’ channel “Kids Place Live”, but he is also actively involved in several podcasts and projects in the Kids space.
Luke Youngblom – Serving as the Head of Music for 800 Pound Gorilla Media, Luke provides a unique perspective into the world of production and content development. With nearly a decade of experience as a top-flight music producer and sound designer, Luke’s expertise in both business and production helps us build the strongest strategies and highest-quality content for the families who listen.


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